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Bawburgh Fisheries

Kingfisher by Justin Grapes

Waxwing by Tony Bidwell

Bittern by Tony Bidwell

Bawburgh Grass Snake

Bird Watching And Other Wildlife

There is a huge range of Bird life on site as well as many migratory visitors. A large Heronary situated in woodland above the site guarantees visitors a glimpse of these huge majestic birds as they fish in the shallow areas around the lakes.

Several pairs of Kingfishers nest at the site and these spectacular birds with there vibrant colours and piercing shriek can be seen at many areas around the lakes by any one patient enough to sit and wait, many anglers speak of having the thrill of a kingfisher perched on their rods tips, or as experienced this spring a robin feeding from their hand.

Several pairs of turns now nest annually at the site and can be seen skimming the water in search of food.

The wildlife can sometimes be hard to spot but the patient visitor can be used to seeing the deer, and foxes especially at dusk and dawn.

Many Owls are resident on site and Owl boxes have been recently placed in the river valley kindly supplied and installed by one of our fishery members Jess Wood in conjunction with the Hawk and Owl Trust, in an attempt to encourage more breeding pairs of owls on site.

There is a wealth of wildlife and bird life to be found at the site, along with huge variety of insects, butterflies and moths. Permits are limited in numbers and run from March on a yearly basis.

Great crested Grebe


Grass snake by Tony Bidwell

By Peter Stolworthy

Oyster catcher

Jerry, the Bawburgh FoxDog!