Stephen Chesney with 3 Scale - 43lb 2oz

Nathan Highley with 3 Scale - 42lb 8oz

Steve Swan with 'Three Scale' 43lb 8oz

Darryn Stolworthy - 30+ Ghostie

Josh Fisher - 38lb 9oz

​Nathan Highley with a stunning linear - 32b 12oz

Jez Hunt, Lodge

Jez Hunt with Single

Pat Billman with Cluster

Glenn Waller, Colney

Jez Hunt, Colney

Cheesey with the Lovely Linear

Pat Billman, Lodge mirror

Cheesey with Cut Peck at 33.10

Cheesey with 'Black Eye'

Bait baron Dave with Crinkle Tail

Jez Hunt, the Zip linear

The secret squirrel !!!!

Spida with a Colney pearler

Aaron Brown, Colney common

John Cheeseman, the Pretty Fish

Adam Thomas, the Pretty Fish

Dave Woodhouse, Bawburgh linear

The Stolmonator giving Kens a cuddle!

Josh Hillman with Drop Scale linear

Chris Seeley, Lodge common

John Cheeseman, Big Dink

Jeffro with Apple Slice

Big Al with the Lovely linear

Pat Billman with 3 scales

​​Norfolks premier specimen fishery

Adam Dabin, Colney magic

David & Oscar Highe with a 35lb Common

​Specimen Carp

William Kelly with 3 Scale - 43lb 8oz

Barry Williams with a stunning Common - 34lb

Barry Williams with 3 Scale - 43lb 2oz

Bawburgh Fisheries